Sugaring is an organic form of hair removal that will leave your skin exfoliated and soft. Developed by the Egyptians many centuries ago, sugar paste is 100% natural, consisting of sugar, water, and lemon juice. Unlike wax, sugar is smoothed on in the opposite direction of hair growth and removed with the hair growth. This allows for less breakage, more hair to be pulled out by the root, and longer lasting results. Sugar can also extract hairs at a mere length of 1/8 inch, so no need to wait for unsightly, prickly growth.

Sugaring is new to Hawaii and growing in popularity. We are two of only a few who have been certified in the art. Being former waxers, we LOVE sugaring and have completely converted. Just take a look and compare the benefits of sugar to wax!

Sugaring Waxing
Never adheres to skin Can burn/bruise
Natural antiseptic Breeds bacteria
Natural skin healer May damage fine tissue
Skin feels soft and clean Uncomfortable for a time after
Never hardens on skin Hardens on skin
Will not damage delicate skin May damage skin
Finer/less hair growth Breakage and ingrown hairs